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2013 BCS National Championship: Notre Dame QB Golson focused on Alabama

Fighting Irish quarterback Everett Golson says the magnitude of the National Championship game isn't distracting his focus on the Crimson Tide.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The BCS National Championship game is nearing, and Notre Dame Fighting Irish sophomore quarterback Everett Golson is trying to remain focused on his duties on the field rather than the bright spotlight that will come when Notre Dame takes the field against the Alabama Crimson Tide on Monday, Jan. 7.

In a report from Brian Hamilton of the Chicago Tribune on Friday, Golson talked about making sure he is thinking about executing on Monday night more than anything else.

Here's Golson, from the report:

"It is a big stage, but I think just the person that I am -- I don't ride the wave too much. I'm kind of just focused on what's played between the yard lines, what's played on the field. Can't really focus on everything that's off the field because that's out of my control."

Notre Dame played in its fair share of big games this season, notably on the road against Oklahoma and USC, though the national title game of course raises the stakes to the highest degree. For the season, Golson has thrown for 2,135 yards -- completing 58.9 percent of his passes -- along with 11 touchdowns and five interceptions.