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Guessing the value of a Manti Te'o Heisman win for Notre Dame

Based on previous Heisman Trophy winners and the subsequent earnings made by their respective schools, the amount a potential win by linebacker Manti Te'o could bring to Notre Dame is probably rather large.

Jeff Gross

Every year, the Heisman Trophy award winner gets the glory for a lifetime, but their respective universities don't go away empty-handed, either.

In an article from Mark Strotman of on Friday, he mentions a report from ESPN's Michelle Steele that describes how the Baylor Bears, after quarterback Robert Griffin III captured the Heisman last season, raked in an estimated $250 million in, as the article says, "extra donations, increased ticket sales, licensing fees, sponsorship deals, an expanded deal with Fox Sports Southwest."

It raises the question about how much, with Heisman finalist Manti Te'o playing for one of the most popular, visible and powerful college football programs in the nation, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish could stand to pull in should the playmaking linebacker be handed the Heisman on Saturday night. The implication being that, if Baylor can turn a $250 million profit, what could Notre Dame receive?

The Fighting Irish will play for the National Championship on Jan. 7 against the Alabama Crimson Tide.