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BCS National Championship 2013: Notre Dame could use uptempo offense against Alabama

Taking a page from the playbooks of recent Alabama opponents, Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly expects to run an uptempo offense at times during the BCS title game.


Facing one of the nation's most talented and disciplined defenses in the upcoming BCS Championship Game, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish plan to add some new wrinkles to their offensive game plan against the Alabama Crimson Tide, including possibly going uptempo at times, Andrew Gribble of writes.

Having seen some other teams have success against Alabama this season by moving to more fast-paced offenses, Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly thinks a similar strategy could be successful for Notre Dame. "There’s no question that up-tempo is beneficial during the game and we’re going to utilize it," Kelly said to reporters on Saturday.

Kelly often ran an uptempo offenses during his previous coaching gigs, including his successful stint with the Cincinnati Bearcats, but he's avoided using it as much at Notre Dame.

The presence of relatively-inexperienced quarterback Everett Golson can explain that partially, but Kelly will presumably be more likely to increase the tempo as Golson gets more and more comfortable in the system.