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Notre Dame's Louis Nix perseveres through flu symptons

Notre Dame Fighting Irish defensive lineman Louis Nix has battled through flu-like symptoms and he hasn't missed a game despite being sick.


The Notre Dame Fighting Irish defense has served as the backbone for the team in 2012, and Louis Nix has been making extra efforts to stay in the rotation. Nix is nose tackle who serves as an anchor on the defensive line, but recently he has been battling the flu. Nix hasn't missed any games due to illness, but it hasn't always been a smooth ride. Here is what Nix told CSN-Chicago:

"I was feeling bad, like I didn't want to wake up. I was feeling real fatigued, like I didn't want to go to class but I had to, I just was feeling bad. My teachers got wind of it as well, they knew something was wrong with me -- if you don't see me smiling, laughing or joking around, something's wrong with me."

When asked about how he was able to perform in the game without being able to practice, Nix offered up this gem of a line: "It's like going into a gunfight with a pair of scissors. You're not prepared for that. I wasn't prepared, but I did my best and I just did what I usually do in a regular game."

No. 4 Notre Dame (9-0) takes on Boston College (2-7) on Saturday night at Alumni Station in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts.