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Pitt vs. Notre Dame 2012: Is the Luck of the Irish back?

The No. 3 Notre Dame Fighting Irish barely and improbably survived a scare against the unranked Pittsburgh Panthers Saturday. The Irish overcame a 14-point second half deficit, survived a turnover in overtime and got another chance at the win after Pitt's kicker missed a short field goal that would've been the game-winner.

Notre Dame blog Black Shoe Diaries believes that such circumstances could go a long way in restoring the famed mystique around the Notre Dame program.

"I still have a good feeling about this season," writes Black Shoe Diaries. "That 45-minute dumpster fire of football and ensuing insanity notwithstanding. There's still plenty of time for the teams ahead of the Irish to drop a few games, and then, who knows? And if this season should get even more special? This game will do a lot to rekindle the legend of the Luck of the Irish. Also, you can put me down as "stoked" that I will not have to hear any comparisons to '02 or '93. Got that monkey off our backs. So there's that."