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Notre Dame's schedule stacks up with Oregon's and Kansas State's

The Irish are on equal, if not greater, footing with Oregon and Kansas State when it comes to schedule strength.


The Notre Dame Fighting Irish are currently the No. 3 team in the country, behind fellow undefeated teams in the Oregon Ducks and Kansas St. Wildcats. If all three teams remain undefeated -- which is a big "if" -- debate will rage in the college football community over which of the two teams deserves to play for the BCS championship.

The argument for Notre Dame will be based on its schedule strength, and on Tuesday, JJ Stankevitz of CSN Chicagotook a look at how the three schools' schedules stack up with each other. Using various criteria -- from opponents' record to F/+ rankings -- Stankevitz determines that Notre Dame and Kansas State currently have the edge in schedule strength, with the caveat that Oregon will likely catch up to the two once it finishes out its slate.

Unfortunately for the Irish, they're expected to be on the outside looking in at the national title game unless Kansas State or Oregon get upset.