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BCS rankings, Week 12: Notre Dame moves up to No. 3

Notre Dame moved up to No. 3 in the Week 12 BCS rankings, but that was more to do with the fact that Alabama suffered a loss.


The Week 12 BCS Rankings are out and, of course, there's some changes. Previous No. 1 Alabama is now back at No. 4 after suffering a loss, while Kansas State is the new No. 1 in the nation. Oregon comes in at No. 2, and unbeaten Notre Dame has moved up to No. 3. Georgia rounds out the top five after Alabama.

Notre Dame seemed to have maxed out at No. 4 on the rankings, with folks saying it would take a loss from another team for them to move up. Well, that happened with Alabama, so the Irish found themselves at No. 3, but it's likely they'll remain there. They're just as far from Oregon and Kansas State as they were a week ago.

In other words, one of those two teams would have to lose for Notre Dame to go up in the rankings, which is unlikely. SB Nation took a look at all of the possibilities once the Week 12 rankings were posted, and it's definitely worth a read.