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Everett Golson suspended: Notre Dame starts Tommy Rees at QB

Tommy Rees will see action in his third game for Notre Dame, but will be the starter this time around, as Everett Golson has been suspended for violating team policy.

Jonathan Daniel - Getty Images

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish continue to have something of a roller coaster ride at their quarterback position. Brian Hamilton of the Chicago Tribune is reporting that Tommy Rees is in as the starter as the team has suspended Everett Golson for violating team rules on Saturday.

The No. 9 Fighting Irish are set to take on Miami on Saturday night.

Rees has partially operated in what many have called a "closer" role for Notre Dame this season. He was suspended to start the year, but has come in and closed out two victories in 2012, while Golson has been the starter for all four games this season.

Rees came in after a Golson injury to launch a game-winning drive against Purdue, and took over the game against Michigan and managed that to victory. Golson was benched in that game after throwing two first-half interceptions. Still, as noted in the report, coach Brian Kelly said on Thursday that there is no controversy and that Everett would get the start in Week 5 and every week following.

As it turns out, that was with the caveat that Golson not violate team policy to earn himself a benching. It is not known which rules Golson violated at this time. The news broke less than an hour prior to the game against Miami, which is set for 7:30 p.m. ET.

This story originally appeared at SB Nation.