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Notre Dame vs. Miami: Current players know little about rivalry's heyday

The 'Catholics vs. Convicts' rivalry has died down since 1988 and many of the players now have little knowledge of that rivalry.

Ronald Martinez - Getty Images

The rivalry between the Notre Dame FIghting Irish and the Miami Hurricanes has certainly calmed since the late 80's. The 'Catholics vs. Convicts' rivalry culminated with a 1988 game at Notre Dame Stadium that featured the Hurricanes losing 31-30 after attempting to go for two, instead of kicking a game-tying extra point.

The game is widely considered one of the greatest in the history of both schools, but most of the current players for both teams weren't yet born in 1988. Notre Dame senior defensive end Kapron Lewis-Moore, born in 1990, is one of those players and told CSN Chicago that he doesn't know too much about the rivalry:

"Honestly, the only thing I know -- in 1988, I think didn't we beat them when they were ranked No. 1? I think that's the only thing I know," senior defensive end Kapron Lewis-Moore said. "I don't know too much other than that. I just know it used to get a little heated back in the day."

One of the reasons why the rivalry between the two teams has trailed off is simply because they haven't played each other very often. Saturday's game is the first time the two teams will face each other in a regular season game since 1990. In the 2010 Sun Bowl, Notre Dame defeated Miami 33-17.