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Notre Dame football: Officials coordinator deems final call vs. Stanford correct

The national coordinator of officials said the final play in the Notre Dame Stanford game was called correctly.

Jonathan Daniel - Getty Images

The national coordinator of NCAA officials, Roger Redding, said there was nothing unusual about how field officials and the booth handled the final play of the Stanford versus Notre Dame last Saturday.

Stanford running back Stephan Taylor's forward progress was ruled to be stopped on the final play of the game in overtime which prompted a Notre Dame victory.

Officials are able to review a forward progress call when it may result in a first down or a touchdown. In this case, the officials were not looking to see whether Taylor was down before the ball crossed the plane of the goal line but just whether his forward progress was stopped.

The play was upheld after review and Notre Dame won the game, 20-13, to remain undefeated this season. At 6-0 with wins over ranked Michigan and Stanford, the Fighting Irish are fifth in both the BCS and AP polls. Notre Dame hosts BYU this Saturday.

After the loss Stanford debuted at 20th in the BCS rankings and fell five spots to 22nd in the AP Poll.