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Notre Dame big favorites against BYU Cougars

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish deserve to be big favorites against the BYU Cougars on Saturday.

Jonathan Daniel - Getty Images

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish take on a BYU Cougars team that got its defense exposed last week and has been struggling to maintain possession of the ball.

According to Eric Murtaugh at One Foot Down, the Irish are favored by 13.5 points, which Murtaugh feels is just about right. Murthaugh points out that BYU has been somewhat of a disappointment at 4-3 and BYU QB Riley Nelson has 15 interceptions and ten fumbles in 11 starts.

A turnover prone quarterback who is a homeless man's Tim Tebow going against this Irish defense? Yeah, I think +13.5 points is just fine.

Murtaugh also touches on the BYU defense, which was considered to be quite strong before giving up 450 yards in a 42-24 loss to Oregon State last week. His feeling on the Cougars defense is that they are good against the run, but struggle against the pass. Considering that fact, Murtaugh expects Notre Dame to attempt to feature their passing game, saying "this might be one of those games where Notre Dame opens up throwing a lot in the first half."