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Notre Dame vs. Stanford produced highest ratings of Saturday's games

Notre Dame's 20-13 victory over Stanford was the highest-rated game on Saturday, drawing a 3.9 on NBC.

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Notre Dame's 20-13 victory over Stanford on Saturday was the most-watched college football game of the week, according to T.K. Gore of CSN Chicago on Twitter. The Notre Dame Fighting Irish hadn't given up a touchdown in three games and were undefeated on the season, while the Cardinal posed an interesting threat with their dynamic offense. The college football-watching populace agreed with the "compelling" factor, and tuned in to watch.

According to the Tweet, the game (on NBC), produced a 3.9 overnight rating, which was the highest of the day. Fans tuned in to a game that was marred by questionable calls and penalties, but ultimately, they tuned in to see Notre Dame reach the 6-0 mark and continue their streak of not allowing touchdowns to four games.

Smart money is on significantly fewer folks tuning in to see Notre Dame take on BYU on Saturday, given their 4-3 record, though there is the obvious chance that people watch for the "trap game" factor.