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Stanford vs. Notre Dame 2012: Reaction to Irish defense coming up large

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish ran their record to 6-0 on Saturday afternoon after beating the Stanford Cardinal 20-13 in overtime at Notre Dame Stadium.

Despite trailing for most of the game, the Irish were able to get it done on the back of its resilient defense. Of course, the biggest play of the game was also controversial, with Notre Dame apparently stuffing Stanford on fourth-and-goal from the 1-yard line. After review, the call was confirmed and the Golden Domers walked off victorious.

Over at One Foot Down, Eric Murtaugh points out a few key elements of Saturday's win:

The goal line stand was a thing of beauty. Was it controversial? Maybe, but it's nice to see defense rewarded in this age of copious touchdowns. Re-watching the replay Taylor's forward progress was stopped for about 3 full seconds, his elbow was down before reaching the ball over the line, the side judge ruled him down, AND it wasn't overturned.

Tommy Rees is the most clutch backup quarterback in the nation. I've lost all fears and phobias while he's out there and I've even grown comfortable with him. Call me crazy, but I'll feel that way until he doesn't play well or his turnovers kill the team. I think he was born to be the clutch backup QB.

Notre Dame's next game is against the BYU Cougars, who will be seeking their first offensive touchdown against the Irish since Sept. 8.