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Notre Dame is No. 1 in more BCS computer formulas than Alabama

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish are No. 1 in two of the computer polls used by the BCS; consensus AP No. 1 Alabama is the top team in just one computer poll.

Jonathan Daniel - Getty Images

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish are the top ranked team in two of the six computer polls used by the BCS. Pat Forde of Yahoo! Sports looked at five of the six computer polls -- Wolfe hasn't released public rankings yet -- and saw that four different teams were ranked No.1: Notre Dame (Colley and Massey), Alabama (Sagarin), Oregon (Billingsley) and Florida (Anderson & Hester). The Alabama Crimson Tide are the unanimous No. 1 team in the AP Poll, but the computers favor the Irish.

Notre Dame, No. 7 in the AP, is helped out in the computer polls by their schedule, having played four major conference opponents. The Irish should only improve in the eyes of the computers if they win on Saturday against No. 17 Stanford. Conversely, Alabama has had a fairly easy schedule to this point, including wins over Florida Atlantic and Western Kentucky, and the computers don't take into account margin of victory.

The first official BCS standings will be released on Oct. 14.