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Northwestern Coach Pat Fitzgerald Remains Noncommittal On QB As Colter, Siemian Excel

If it ain't broke, you don't fix it. Right?


The Northwestern Wildcats are 3-0 despite -- or perhaps because of -- their unconventional decision to play two quarterbacks equally.

Coach Pat Fitzgerald has refused to commit to either Trevor Siemian or Kain Colter. This weekend's game against South Dakota will likely be no different, and Siemian and Colter will continue to split time.

Statistically, both have been stellar. Siemian has completed 68.1 percent of his passes, Colter 66.1. They both boast a QB rating north of 125, and neither has thrown an interception.

Most interestingly, their teammates don't seem to mind. Wideout Demetrius Fields claims he didn't notice last weekend when they had switched:

"That might have something to do with me being oblivious, but I have full confidence in both. They spend the same amount of time watching film. They're on the same page, so it's kind of the same."

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