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Iowa Vs. Northwestern Score Update: Wildcats Lead 38-29 At Halftime

The Northwestern Wildcats welcomed in the Iowa Hawkeyes in a Big 10 match up with Northwestern looking to pick up their third win in a row. At halftime, the Wildcats are well on their way to doing so. Despite Iowa keeping it close early in the first half, Northwestern was able to pull away and take a 38-29 lead into halftime.

John Shurma currently leads Northwestern in scoring with 11 points in the first half. Despite being significantly out rebounded 18-7 by the Hawkeyes, Iowa just hasn't been able to sink their shots as Northwestern slowly built their lead. Reggie Hearn and Dave Sobolewski added eight points each while Drew Crawford scored nine points in the first half. Aaron White led the way for Iowa in the first half, picking up nine points and seven rebounds.

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