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2011 Big Ten Tournament: Penn State Leads Wisconsin 20-16 in Defensive Struggle

For a while, it seemed like the Badgers might never score, and for the first seven minutes or so, they didn't. The Nittany Lions jumped out quickly in front of Wisconsin scoring the games first 14 points.

From there though, it was Penn State who went into the scoring drought, scoring just six more points in the final twelve minutes of the half, while Wisconsin managed to cut the deficit down significantly as the minutes wound down.

The shooting numbers, are not pretty, Penn State is 8-22, 36%, while Wisconsin is an even uglier 7-24 29% from the floor. Somehow, even though his team totaled only sixteen points for the half, Jordan Taylor managed to get ten of them.

This game will go to whichever team either breaks the other team's defense or figures out how to hit an open jump shot.  Penn State needs this game badly to have a shot at the tournament, we will see if they are motivated to put up more points in the second half.