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2011 Big Ten Tournament Bracket: Illini Michigan 34-23 At The Half

A three point shooting contest has broken out in Indiana as the Illini and Wolverines battle to stay in the NCAA Tournament field. The Wolverines have hoisted eleven deep shots, connecting on four of them, while the Illini have sunk six of their fourteen three point shots, including two each from seniors Bill Cole and Mike Tisdale.

The biggest effort has come from the bench though, as sophomore guard Brandon Paul has 7 points, 3 rebounds, 3 assists and an astounding 4 steals in relief minutes.

Michigan needs to hit from a much higher percentage in order to make up for their turnovers (7) and being beat on the boards (16-12.) Their best production has come from their lone big man, Darius Morris, who  has 9 points 3 assists and 2 rebounds.

The Illini will be looking to continue locking down the Wolverines from three, and using their height inside in the second half, and will try and avoid giving up too many turnovers like they did in their last meeting.