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2011 Big Ten Tournament: Michigan State And Iowa Playing Close 33-31

Given what is on the line for the Spartans, it is surprising they have not come out with more energy against the scrappy Iowa Hawkeyes. With their tournament hopes very much dependent upon their performance in this tournament, the Spartans have been unable to shake Iowa, missing open looks and committing eight turnovers.

Particularly puzzling for Tom Izzo must be the play of senior point guard and team captain, Kalin Lucas, who is only 1-7 from the field, with 7 points to show for it. A bright spot for the Spartans has been the play of Draymond Green, who was  7-11 for 15 points and 6 rebounds.

For Iowa, Matt Gatens and Bryce Cartwright, who both had big games against MSU in Iowa City, are once again having success  against the Spartans. Gatens is 4-8 for 9 points, while Cartwright is 4-8 for 10 points, and 4 assists. The Hawkeyes are once again getting their work done inside, but have connected on three of their four three point attempts.

It will be interesting to see which team comes out with more energy in the second half, with both of their seasons on the line.