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Meineke Car Care Bowl Of Texas 2011: Northwestern's Evan Watkins Moves From Quarterback To Superback

Northwestern reserve quarterback Evan Watkins has been buried on the depth chart this season, and in the hopes of finding some playing time somewhere on the team, he asked the coaches if he could switch positions. So Pat Fitzgerald is giving the 6'6" Watkins a shot at superback, which is a position in the Northwestern offense similar to a tight end.

"We're trying to get him on the field," Fitzgerald said. "Evan wants to have a role, and he's really honest with himself and he sees where he's at in his career with his skill set and his body and what he can do on the field."

And it's a position that could provide plenty of opportunities. Drake Dunsmore caught 43 passes as the team's superback in 2011.

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