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BCS Projections, Week 14: Big Ten Teams Jostling For BCS Position

With the Big Ten season over and Michigan State and Wisconsin locked into the inaugural championship game in Indianapolis, the BCS intrigue as it pertains to the conference now mainly involves the Michigan Wolverines. The winner of the Big Ten title game will obviously head off to the Rose Bowl, but the loser, who will exit with three losses, is expected to drop out of BCS bowl contention. Michigan, meanwhile, who finished the season 10-2, is expected by some to receive an at-large BCS bid.

Here is SB Nation's BCS prognosticator Samuel Chi outlining how he thinks Michigan can end up in a BCS bowl:

First, Georgia must lose to LSU. If Georgia wins the SEC title and takes the third BCS bid for the SEC, there is no scenario where Michigan would get a BCS bid. Michigan can count on jumping Georgia and the Big Ten title game loser to squeeze into the top 14, but it has one more team to worry about: Baylor. If the Bears beat Texas next week, they might jump the Wolverines, keeping them out of the top 14.

As for the BCS standings in Week 14, Chi predicts that Michigan State will lead the Big Ten at No. 14, with Wisconsin coming at No. 15 and Michigan right behind them at No. 16.

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