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Northwestern Wildcats Vs. Indiana Hoosiers: Wildcats With 17 Unanswered Points To Lead Hoosiers 17-7

After an impressive opening TD drive by Indiana and QB Tre Roberson, the Northwestern Wildcats have responded with 17 unanswered points to take a 17-7 first quarter lead. The Wildcat defense is well adjusting to Roberson's scrambling ability, but that hasn't prevented the QB from racking up 44 yards rushing on 7 carries with a TD, to go along with 5-8 for 76 yards passing and an INT.

Northwestern's two-headed QB monster of Dan Persa and Kain Colter has been more than enough to offset the effect of Roberson's first quarter production. Persa is 6-9 for 98 yards, while Colter is 1-1 with a 29-yard TD pass. The QBs have been spreading the ball around well, as TE Drake Dunsmore leads all receivers with 3 receptions for 67 yards.

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