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New Big Ten Basketball Tournament Logo Free Association

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Earlier this week, the Big Ten sent out a media advisory instructing those of us who report on the (best) conference to begin the switchover to the new only partially new conference logos. This included the by-now-familiar black and teal "B1G" logo as well as some completely kinda-sorta new logos for the conference's annual basketball tournament. This year's Big Ten Tournament, for those that are living in a cave or not familiar, will take place in Indianapolis from March 10 - 13. The tournament will not only determine conference bragging rights, but will also likely influence NCAA Tournament selection and seeding.

Now, it's not really surprising that the conference would have re-designed the logo for the tournament to bring it in line with the other new logos. And, having gotten used to the other new logos, I don't particularly mind the new tournament set. But, the privilege of writing about sports is that I get to engage in mockery from time-to-time simply because I feel like it. This is one of those times. So we're going to play a game -- Big-Ten-logo-free association...

When I first looked at the new logo, three things came to my mind. The Mac spinning beach ball of death, a pinwheel and a rainbow lollipop. The question I have is, what does the new logo most closely resemble to you?

Here's the new logo:


My first thought was definitely the Mac spinning beach ball of death -- that little icon that, always at the most inconvenient times, indicates that things have gone seriously off the rails:


Then I thought, well maybe something slightly less aggravating would be a more appropriate comparison. Something like the innocent joy of a child's pinwheel...


Or, perhaps continuing down that road, something tasty. Like a lollipop. Because you know, basketball, it tastes awesome.


I'm not sure if that is an expression of pain or happiness, but whatever. So, the question is, what does the new Big Ten Tournament logo look like to you?