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Northwestern AD Jim Phillips Wants To Play At Wrigley Again -- Or At The Cell

Despite the controversy about the last-minute rule changes for the Wrigleyville Classic last Saturday at Wrigley Field between Northwestern and Illinois, there's at least one person involved in the festivities who would like to do it again.


Northwestern athletic director Jim Phillips told the Chicago Tribune that there is "absolutely potential to do another. This was a wonderful event, it captured a national audience and from the responses I've received, there truly was a bowl-like atmosphere."


In order to do that, they'd have to make some more room on the field. Not very much -- when I was on the field for the football toss on Sunday, I noticed there was probably three or four feet more room on the west end of the field, enough so if they had removed some more seats there, they could have shifted the entire field a yard or so to the west, which would have eliminated the issue from last Saturday. The Tribune article also indicates that the Cubs could make the field more "football-friendly" in the proposed Wrigley renovation.


Teddy Greenstein's Tribune article also says that Phillips and White Sox VP Brooks Boyer have a good relationship and may have talked about the possibility of Northwestern playing on the South Side sometime in the future.