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Northwestern's L Ride To Wrigley Scrapped

One of the things that was to be most charming about the Wrigleyville Classic between Northwestern and Illinois on Saturday was the Wildcats' ride to Wrigley Field on the CTA. They were supposed to dress in Evanston and then ride a special L train, getting off at the Addison stop and then coming into the ballpark through the "Wildcat Way" that's going to be set up on Sheffield Avenue, entering through the right-field "knothole" directly onto the field through the east end zone.


Sounds great, right? Unfortunately, it's not going to happen. Northwestern coach Pat Fitzgerald was quoted as saying:" "Some logistics did not get ironed out in time. We're going to take the bus. We'll stick with our normal routine."


Truly unfortunate. Hope they don't get caught in traffic on Lake Shore Drive, or get stuck behind people circling the neighborhood streets looking for parking spaces.


Recommendation from the Deep Dish: leave early. Game time Saturday is 2:30 p.m. CST.