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Colleges Are Becoming More And More Competitive, Even In The Locker Room

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You have to wonder where today's professional athletes have gotten the idea they deserve bigger and better for everything, including locker rooms and training facilities. You can't argue that you want your team to have the best training facilities available to make them better athletes, but where do you draw the line?


Perhaps some of this mindset comes from colleges, such as Oklahoma State University, which recently opened its new $4 million locker room. Sure, the players deserve the best they can get but marble staircases? A custom made pool table? Five flat screen televisions? A flat screen TV behind dry erase boards? Lockers with the players' names above each locker and phone chargers inside each locker? Come on. This is college, not the pros. What is OSU teaching its players? It seems to us at Deep Dish they're teaching how to be more materialistic than realistic. Can you imagine the outrage if Northwestern University received $4 million and spent it on facilities like the one at OSU? Would it make them a better basketball team? Probably not.