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Notre Dame isn't forgetting about Tyler Eifert in passing game

Notre Dame tight end Tyler Eifert has been silent over the past two games, but the Irish coaches have not forgotten about him.

Jonathan Daniel - Getty Images

Notre Dame Fighting Irish tight end Tyler Eifert has been noticeably absent as a receiver in the passing game the past two weeks, but he hasn't been forgotten by the Irish coaching staff. Eifert only has one catch in the last two Notre Dame games after leading all FBS tight ends in receptions last season with 63.

Head coach Brian Kelly says that with the focus on Notre Dame's running game Eifert has been used more as a blocker than a receiver over the last two games. After the Michigan game Kelly said, "the game was such that he was required to be inside blocking and he did a heck of a job." The Irish had only 19 passing attempts to 31 rushing attempts in their 13-6 victory over the Wolverines.

Offensive coordinator Chuck Martin indicated that it's not by design that Eifert is not getting the ball, but it is more a sign of poor execution. In addition, opposing defenses are scheming to take away Eifert this year, where as last year he was able to work in the shadow of Michael Floyd. Martin is confident that the Irish will find a way to work Eifert into the passing game however:

"I think it's a product of both of them trying to maybe spend more attention to him and us maybe not always reading it as clean as we'd like to read it," Martin said, "but we're working on it."