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Notre Dame football: Louis Nix keeps Irish light

Notre Dame defensive tackle Louis Nix, star of his own You Tube "Chocolate News" series, is making plays on the field and keeping his teammates relaxed off the field.

Matt Cashore-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Notre Dame Fighting Irish defensive tackle Louis Nix has anchored a strong defense in the early stages of the season, but he's a lot more jovial outside of game situations. Nix spent some time talking to media members on Thursday, and in between bites of a Hershey's candy bar he cracked some jokes and had some fun with J.J. Sankevitz of CSN-Chicago.

For example, Louis explained how his younger brother botched a presentation at school and told his class that his big brother played a very different position for the Irish: "I don't know where they got quarterback from," Nix laughed. "My little brother had a presentation for class and he told them I was the quarterback."

Nix also runs a "Chocolate News" series on YouTube, which has become more popular than he expected, and even pulled in some random praise from a pair of '92 ND graduates in the packing lot on campus.

If you want to take a look and get a listen, check out the video from CSN-Chicago that is embedded below.