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Penn State vs. Illinois: Penn State leads big at the half

Illinois trail Penn State by 21 after the first half of play in Champaign, and it could be even worse. A blocked 19-yard field goal attempt on the final play of the first half kept the Illinois deficit at just three touchdowns instead of 24. The first half was highlighted by sloppy play and some very questionable play calling from the home team

The Illinois offense struggled to move the ball until the final possession of the half, and they've converted none of their seven opportunities on third down. They haven't been helping themselves with penalties either, extending a number of Penn State drives and committing a pair of personal fouls for helmet to helmet hits. The second of those penalties led to Earnest Thomas being ejected from the game after hitting Matt Lehman in the end zone. In total, Illinois have given the Nittany Lions 54 additional yards due to penalties.

Illinois kicked off to start the game, so they'll receive the ball to start the second half. They'll need to be much better if they want to make a game of this.