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Big Ten Media Days 2012: SB Nation Conference Preview Names Montee Ball Among Players To Watch

The 2012 NCAA Football season is getting underway and SB Nation Studios took a look at the Big Ten Conference, examining the storylines and players that will be the focus of the coming winter:

According to Dan Rubenstein's breakdown, the players to watch include a trio of skills players and two defensive lineman:

The big names to know the Big Ten this fall should be fairly obvious. Montee Ball, 2011 Heisman finalist, even with losing Russell Wilson at quarterback and Paul Chryst at offensive coordinator from last year, should put up a ton of yards in this run-heavy offense. Denard Robinson, still the best pure athlete and potentially football player in the Big Ten, he needs to minimize the arm punts. Braxton Miller gets an Urban Meyer offense to play with -- an outstanding athlete, should be fun to watch.

From the defensive standpoint of things, Ohio State has a pair of really good defensive lineman in Johnathan Hankins and John Simon -- should provide excellent support for an Ohio State defense that should be very good with Urban Meyer. And finally, William Gholston, defensive end for Michigan State, he's gonna hurt someday, but let's all hope it's legally and clean because it's going to happen.

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