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Jabari Parker Injury Update: No. 1 Senior To Have MRI On Injured Heel

The No. 1 senior in high school basketball right now may find himself on the sidelines with an injured heel. Chicago native Jabari Parker will be undergoing an MRI on his heel after sustaining an injury in the FIBA U17 World Championship tournament, according to ESPN Chicago.

Whether the injury is serious or not matters little to Parker's rehab. The plan at present is to treat it with utmost seriousness:

"We got to get it check out and make sure he's comfortable," his father Sonny Parker said. "His feet are the most important thing. Plus, he needs rest. He might be able to play, but we don't want to damage anything and hurt something else. These injuries, they're not something you play with now. We don't want it to be a big setback."

Parker recently released a list of schools he considered finalists for his basketball services, the DePaul Blue Demons among them.

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