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2012 NBA Draft Fashion: Meyers Leonard Gets An 'F' For Fashion

Former Illinois Fighting Illini center Meyers Leonard accomplished his pre-draft goal of working his way into the lottery pick range for the 2012 NBA Draft, but he didn't exactly prepare for the moment in terms of his fashion. When the Portland Trail Blazers selected Leonard with the No. 11 pick in the draft, the 20-year-old big man stepped on stage to shake David Stern's hand and don his Blazers cap, but he didn't quite look right to Tom Ziller of SB Nation. Ziller put together a full 2012 NBA Draft Fashion recap, and Leonard ranked dead last out of 16 players for his questionable ensemble:


What in the Heavens is going on here? Bomani Jones' sleeper pick came through strong with a tablecloth, tight-collar shirt, a mismatched loud red tie, a confused open jacket and origami poking out of his pocket. It's not quite Wesley Johnson, but it's just not right. At all.

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