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2012 NBA Draft: Meyers Leonard Speaks With The Media

Expectations are running high for the Illinois Fighting Illini product, C Meyers Leonard. On Thursday, he sat down with the media to discuss the draft, his impressions on various NBA players and what he plans to do with his first paycheck. Check out the video, courtesy of NBA Draft Express:

Leonard, who played two seasons with the Illini, is expected to go anywhere from No. 11 to No. 16 in the upcoming 2012 NBA Draft, but Leonard himself could see even more possibilities developing:

I think Detroit at 9 is a possibility; New Orleans quite possibly at 10, if they want to mix up and quite possibly start a new front court with Anthony Davis and I. Portland, depending where they go at 6, then that changes [whether or not they want a big man at No. 11]. And then Milwaukee at 12, I had a good time there; I felt like that was pretty good fit. I did go to Phoenix, and I enjoyed that as well -- at 13.

When asked what he wanted to buy with his first paycheck, he said:

Take care of my mom... Get her into an orthopedic surgeon; a good doctor that can give her some help.

The 2012 NBA Draft begins on Thursday at 6:00 p.m. CDT.

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