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Illinois Coaching Staff: Jerrance Howard Claims Resignation Was 'Best For Everybody'

The Illinois Fighting Illini basketball team, after undergoing a considerable management change, got the final word from their outgoing interim head coach. According to former Illinois assistant Jerrance Howard, the overhaul and his subsequent resignation should lead to future Illini success:

"It was difficult," Howard said of leaving Illinois. "I thought it was the right thing for Coach Groce to move in a different direction. I think it was the best decision for everybody. Change is hard. Sometimes with change, the best thing is to start from scratch.

"I didn’t want the players to use me as a crutch. If they didn’t like something, I didn’t want them coming to me complaining every time. I think it was best for everybody."

Following the hiring of head coach John Groce, Howard was not offered a position on the coaching staff, and despite being under contract still, Howard elected to resign and sign with the SMU Mustangs coaching staff.

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