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2012 Illinois Offseason: Coach Tim Beckman Has Less Than Delicious Disciplinary Methods

After losing their last six regular season games in 2011, the Illinois Fighting Illini were in desperate need of a culture change. Out goes head coach Ron Zook and in comes Tim Beckham, the former top man at Toledo who is now tasked with turning around the mentality of an entire football program. It doesn't sound like Beckham is wasting any time.

Since college players can't be fined monetarily, the Chicago Tribune reports that Beckham has found the next best way to discipline his team: at the lunch table. Many Illinois players were surprised when a plate of porridge was placed in front of them at a recent team banquet.

Those who followed the rules, arriving at classes 10 minutes early and never missing a rep during winter workouts, were treated to steak and eggs at the "All-In Banquet." Those who missed a beat were treated to an Oliver Twist breakfast.

"I think it was a little bit of an eye-opening experience for some of them," Beckman said. "We ask our players to be above and beyond … and compete at a level that we think is a championship level."

Only 21 players were greeted with steak and eggs.

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