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Illinois Coaching Search: Kendall Gill Would Take Head Coaching Job To Help Program Avoid Further Embarassment

Illinois has had some trouble finding a new head men's basketball coach, as they've been rebuffed by both Brad Stevens and Shaka Smart. There have been reports that the school has agreed to a deal with Ohio coach John Groce, and that that particular move has been delayed; no official announcement has been made.

In a radio interview on Tuesday, former Illinois basketball player Kendall Gill said he'd be willing to take the job to help the program avoid taking any more hits to its reputation.

"I actually in the last 48 hours with the things they’ve said about the Illinois program, of course I’m going to be biased being from there, I have reconsidered my position on that," Gill said on "The Carmen, Jurko & Harry Show" on ESPN 1000. "Before I said, you know what I don’t have any interest in coaching. Now in the last 48 hours, coaching, maybe I might want to do that to put the program back on the map.

"I know I have the ability. I played professional basketball for 15 years, also college for four years and an analyst for six. I know the game. I would consider if it if I got the call."

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