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Jabari Parker Recruiting: Michigan State's Tom Izzo May Have Seen Parker On Trip To Chicago

Michigan State head coach Tom Izzo went on a recruiting trip to Chicago in February, according to an Associated Press article. The recruits Izzo was there to see were not named, so The Big Lead offered an educated guess based on the following tidbits:

1) The recruiting trip was to Chicago.
2) They flew to Gary, Indiana, and then drove to "a Chicago arena."
3) "Izzo made eye contact with the recruits, both of whom nodded their heads as if to say hello without saying a word, during pregame warm-ups in non-verbal exchanges that abided by the NCAA’s strict rules during evaluation periods."

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TBL's conclusion: Izzo was there to see Jabari Parker and Kendrick Nunn, who are teammates and among the top prospects in the class of 2013.

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