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2012 Super Bowl Commercials: Hyundai Can Save Lives, Apparently

Super Bowl advertisements tend to be a bit wacky. You'll see all kinds of things that simply don't happen in the real world, because real world imagery doesn't stick in peoples memories. Ridiculous scenes and half-decent jokes, though? A Super Bowl advertiser's arsenal is loaded with those.

Take this new commercial from Hyundai, for the 2012 Genesis Coupe. Does this car go really fast, or have an exceptional interior? Is it ridiculously safe and loaded with new technology? Nobody knows, but we do know one very important thing about this car: it can save human lives, literally.

We don't really know whether this car is fast, safe, comfortable or affordable. But if you're in the middle of nowhere driving with your boss and he suddenly stops breathing, you'll be happy that you didn't buy a Subaru.

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