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Super Bowl Recipes: Original Ideas For The Big Game

The Super Bowl is a special day. Special as in it's a day that's all about hanging with people you like, watching sports, and, of course, eating a bounty of foods. And considering that the New England Patriots and New York Giants will be "going big or going home" on Sunday, you might as well do the same with your food, right?

Over at SB Nation, we've got all kinds of recipes and ideas for snacks that will basically put that "chips and salsa" idea to shame. I mean, why eat some potato chips when you could eat bourbon bacon popcorn or sriracha fried pickles? And if you don't like the idea of mixing bourbon with popcorn or deep frying pickles, there surely will be something else that does tickle your fancy.

Head over to Patriots blog Pats Pulpit and Giants blog Big Blue View for more on this game. Check out SB Nation NFL for more news and notes around the league.