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College Basketball Rankings: Spartans At No. 5, Buckeyes At No. 10 In Latest AP Poll

The college basketball scene is beginning to boil into March Madness as the final hours of the February steadily pass -- and the latest AP Poll suggests the Ohio St. Buckeyes (23-6, 11-5) may be ready for February to end now.

Ohio State spent most of late January and early February fixed at No. 3 in the standings, but have since lost three times, slipping to No. 10 in Monday's rankings after losing 60-63 to the No. 14 Wisconsin Badgers (21-8, 10-6) Sunday night.

One of the other teams to take the Buckeyes down this month, the Michigan St. Spartans (24-5, 13-3) have eased up the rankings during Ohio State's crumbling. Michigan State -- who began the Preseason at No. 27 -- has not only won 7 straight games and reached the top of the Big Ten Conference standings, they have climbed yet another spot in the AP Poll to reach No. 5 overall.

Here is a look at the AP Poll Top 10 rankings for this week:

Rank Team (1st-place votes) Record Previous
1 Kentucky (63) 28-1 1
2 Syracuse (2) 29-1 2
3 Kansas 24-5 4
4 Duke 25-4 5
5 Michigan State 24-5 6
6 North Carolina 25-4 7
7 Missouri 25-4 3
8 Marquette 24-5 10
9 Baylor 24-5 13
10 Ohio State 23-6 8

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