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Jerry Brown's death shakes Illini football community

Former teammates of Josh Brent and Jerry Brown express their condolences over Brown's death.


There's been many Dallas Cowboys players and coaches shaken over the death of linebacker Jerry Brown, but former teammates of his from his college days with the Illinois Fighting Illini are just as shocked by the series of events. Brown was killed in a car accident and his teammate, Josh Brent, was the driver.

Brent was driving while under the influence and has been charged with intoxication manslaughter. Some of their teammates from Illinois took to Twitter to express their sadness. Jeff Allen, who now plays with the Kansas City Chiefs, expressed his shock.

Following that, Whitney Mercilus had a pair of Tweets in which he gave his condolences. Mercilus called them both great people and said "despite what people think," which probably means that many have lashed out at either Brent or both for the fact that drinking was involved in the accident.

Current Illinois coach Tim Beckman took to Twitter to express his condolences as well, though he didn't coach either guy as he's in his first year.