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Illinois vs. Ohio State score: Illini score, but trail big time in the 4th

The Illinois Fighting Illini managed to score in the third quarter, but they still trail the Ohio State Buckeyes by a wide margin heading into the fourth and final frame. The Illini recovered a Rod Smith fumble in Buckeyes territory, and Jon Davis grabbed a one-yard rushing touchdown to make the game 38-14, following the Illinois two-point conversion.

Just prior to that drive, the Buckeyes scored their only touchdown of the third quarter, when Braxton Miller rushed for a two-yard touchdown. Carlos Hyde had rushes of 24 and 20 yards on that drive, which moved it along well. That was an 11-play, 73-yard scoring drive for the Buckeyes, who scored four times in the second quarter.

Nathan Scheelhasse attempted few passes in the third quarter, and he has just 77 yards on the day, with one interception and no touchdowns. He's completing passes at an average of 2.9 yards per pass, which is very poor. He's rushed for 47 yards, and has been eclipsed by essentially the entirety of the Ohio State offense.