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Illinois vs. Michigan score: Wolverines hold 10-0 lead heading into second quarter

Illinois trails No. 25 Michigan through one quarter of play on Saturday, as Illinois looks for their first Big Ten victory. Wolverines quarterback Denard Robinson found Jeremy Gallon for a huge 71-yard touchdown early in the game, on Michigan's first possession. The pass came after four-straight runs and was Robinson's first pass attempt of the game. It clearly caught the Illinois defense off guard, and put them down 7-0.

A nine-play drive fell short of a second touchdown for Michigan, and they opted to kick an 18-yard field goal after Fitzgerald Toussaint was stopped for a rush of no gain on second and third down at the Illinois 1-yard line. The field goal from Brendan Gibbons put Michigan up 10-0, a lead they're carrying into the second quarter.

Illinois has punted twice, with two first downs coming on their opening drive. Donovonn Young is rushing the ball well, with 24 yards off of five carries, but every run seems to be interspersed with a loss of yardage or an incomplete pass.