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NCAA Basketball Rankings: Illinois Fighting Illini Fall From AP Poll

The Illinois Fighting Illini (11-2) have not only exited the Top 25 of the Coaches Poll, but now they find themselves out of the Top 25 in the AP Poll as well.

After losing to the Missouri Tigers (12-0) last Thursday, the Illini have dropped to 27th in both polls, earning 70 points in the AP Poll. That leaves only four Big ten teams left in the Top 25 -- the No. 2 Ohio St. Buckeyes, No. 13 Indiana Hoosiers, No. 16 Michigan St. Spartans, and No. 18 Michigan Wolverines.

The Top 10 in both polls look like this:

Rank Coaches Poll AP Poll
1 Syracuse Syracuse
2 Ohio St. Ohio St.
3 Kentucky Kentucky
4 Louisville Louisville
5 Duke North Carolina
6 North Carolina Baylor
7 Baylor Duke
8 Missouri Missouri
9 Connecticut Connecticut
10 Florida Florida

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