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DePaul Basketball: Blue Demons No. 45 In ESPN Countdown Of Most Successful Programs

DePaul basketball is one of the top 50 programs of the last 50 years, according to ESPN.


The DePaul Blue Demons basketball program ranks No. 45 in ESPN's countdown of the top 50 programs of the last 50 seasons. ESPN developed a point system in an effort to quantify success in college basketball during that time span, and DePaul's ranking was hurt quite a bit by their struggles over the last two decades or so.

Positives: Made 1979 Final Four; eighth most points from 1973 to 1982; three first-team consensus All-Americans and three top-10 picks.

Negatives: Lost eight points due to sanctions and vacated wins; hasn't gained points in any season since 2005, just two NCAA tournament appearances in the past 20 seasons.

DePaul's best decade was the 1980s; the Blue Demons scored 113 points during that decade, which is the 10th-highest total for that time period.

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