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MLB Standings 2012: White Sox Lead Tigers By One Game

After momentarily falling into a tie for first place in the AL Central with the Detroit Tigers, the Chicago White Sox have rebuilt a one-game lead in the standings. Their general manager hopes they can extend that lead by playing smarter baseball and taking better advantage of opponents' weaknesses while the players are hoping a change in facial hair distracts the team from the pressure of a pennant race and leads to more relaxed baseball on the field.

The White Sox, who have split the first two games with the last-place Minnesota Twins this week, close out that series Wednesday. They are off Thursday, then host Kansas City for a weekend series, followed by a four-game series with the Tigers beginning Sept. 10 that could help determine the eventual division champion.

Here is a look at the full AL Central standings:

Chicago White Sox 73 62 .541 - - - 3-7 L1
Detroit Tigers
72 63 .533 1.0 27 4.0 5-5 L2
Kansas City Royals
61 74 .452 12.0 16 15.0 5-5 W1
Cleveland Indians
58 78 .426 15.5 12 18.5 3-7 W2
Minnesota Twins
56 80 .412 17.5 10 20.5 5-5 W1

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