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General Manager Kenny Williams: White Sox Didn't Play Smart Baseball Against Detroit

Chicago White Sox general manager Kenny Williams was disappointed with his team's performance in a sweep by the Detroit Tigers last weekend, but he also believes Chicago didn't take advantage of some opportunities the Tigers presented that could've been exploited. From Mark Gonzales of the Chicago Tribune:

"We had an opportunity in Detroit, for instance, and one of the conversations we had on the bus and the plane was, 'OK, let's review what happened,' " Williams recalled Tuesday. " 'Did we play the smartest baseball? Did we take advantage of the other team's weaknesses, and did we have the right game plan?'

"Well, it wasn't a matter of talent that lost us those three games. We didn't step up. But every now and then, you run into a couple of buzzsaws like they have the potential to do in their starting rotation, and it is what it is. But for the most part, those three things I just talked about will carry the day in September. Not just for us, for everybody."

Gonzales notes that although Williams didn't say it specifically, many who watched the series were surprised the White Sox did not attempt more bunts towards Tigers third baseman Miguel Cabrera, whose mobility has been hindered in recent weeks by an ankle injury.

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