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Chicago White Sox Ease Pennant Race Pressure By Growing Mustaches

After the Chicago White Sox were swept in a three-game weekend series by the Detroit Tigers, forcing a tie atop the AL Central standings, the team emerged on Monday with a new secret weapon: mustaches. The division race is still a close one, but the White Sox have picked up a game in the standings since several players unveiled their new facial hairstyles. Scott Powers of ESPN Chicago talked to a few of the players about the strategy.

Adam Dunn on mustache mastermind Kevin Youkilis:

"I don’t know about this moustache thing. … (Youkilis) comes up with a bunch of stuff. This is one of his 50 things he wants to do every day. Anything he can do to cover up his face is perfect.

"He always wants to do some kind of weird stuff. If he wants to shave heads, that’s where I draw the line. The moustache, whatever, all right, cool. I’m not shaving heads. I’ll tell you that much."

Paul Konerko:

"This time of year you kind of have to have some goofiness to get through it. It becomes a grind. We've been going at this for 6 1/2 months now from spring training. It gave everybody some life (in Monday’s win.) We're 1-0, so we'll ride it out and see what happens."

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