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Tigers Vs. White Sox: Detroit And September Don't Mix For Chicago

The Detroit Tigers completed a three-game sweep of the Chicago White Sox to erase Chicago's lead in the AL Central this weekend and now the two teams are tied with 72-61 records and 29 games remaining. Jim Margulus of SB Nation's White Sox blog, South Side Sox, pointed out that Detroit getting the best of the White Sox in September is not new:

Let's update that. Since the first game of this past series took place on Aug. 31, we can only say the White Sox are now 0-14 against the Tigers in September since Sept. 6, 2010. It could have been 15 so easily! This is what passes for consolation these days.

I never pinned the root cause on Ozzie Guillen, because the sources of these no-shows are multifold. However, I did want to see if the mere change of a manager would able to influence the other tumblers, and so far, the answer is a solid "nope."

The White Sox will get another opportunity to turn that September record around, though, hosting the Tigers for a four-game series Sept. 10-13.

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