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Adam Dunn after game-winning homer: 'It's a spot you want to be in as a hitter'

Adam Dunn's game-winning home run on Monday night may have been the most important one of his career. With the win, Chicago remained one game ahead of Detroit for the AL Central lead.

Said Dunn,

"It's a spot you want to be in as a hitter. People look at it as pressure or this and that, but to me, I love being in that situation. Obviously they're a lot tougher than other situations, but sometimes you get them, sometimes you don't.

"I've watched (Pestano) enough to know he's got good stuff. When you fall behind 0-2 against a guy like that you're in trouble. But I had a plan against him. I had one pitch to hit, and I fouled it off. I didn't know if I was going to get another one, but I did."

Before Monday's win, the White Sox had lost five in a row and were struggling to score runs.

On the season, Dunn now has 41 home runs and 94 RBI.

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